By making the event better every year, Sakarya MTB CUP is perpetuating its growing and as a result of this, it is becoming more and more popular among the elite atheles. We are glad to present the interview done by our organization director Aziz Sırnaç with the 2016 Sakarya MTB CUP champion and also the athlete who managed to represent his country, Russia in 2016 Rio Olympic games, Anton Sıntsov. He is a great athlete and has his name rather frequently mentioned by the sports media.





Dear Mr. Sıntsov, it was really interesting having you here in Sakarya, because I got a call from you on the last day and on the race day, you got on a plane and flew to Turkey. It was a pleasure having you in Sakarya but there was another important thing; we were really amazed to see to you passing the finish line in the first place, because you had tough opponents in the race and you were tired because of the journey.


1: Firstly, can you please tell us how the race was?


The race was hard but my tactic was perfect. I managed to have power on the final part of the race. On the first lap Greek rider Antoniadis attacked but with Periklis and Kelleci we got him on the second lap. On the lap number 3 and 4 Periklis attacked and Kadir lost our wheels. Penultimate lap on the most technical section before hardest uphill Periklis did mistake, lost some seconds and on the uphill my legs was very good, so pushed very strong and got some more important seconds of the gap between me and Periklis. Last lap I controlled my gap and finished race alone on the beautiful stadium with many spectators. Is spectacular!!!


Was very pleased!!!


2: What was the reason of choosing the Sakarya MTB CUP? How were you expecting the race to be?


The reason of choosing the Sakarya MTB Cup was UCI points needed for Olympic Qualification. To be honest I did not expect, I came for the points,  but I was very glad for choose this particular race.


3: Sakarya city is planning the Sakarya MTB CUP to become a World classic. What do you think about the race's future by taking the special passes in the stadium, distinctive concept into consideration? You have taken part in many world class races and and shown a succesful profile; by taking account of your experiences what would you say on this issue?


Sakarya is good place for World Cup. The stadium with stands for spectators overlooks almost the entire route, which is very important for the fans. I was pleasantly surprised by the organization of the race. There are parking spaces, showers, bike wash, a place where a tent camp for the teams, live video of the race like as World Cup. Stadium section is very good, I like it. Will be better to do 1 start loop on the stadium. It will be more spectacular. Not enough technical sections on the track, but it can be corrected with the help of artificial section like a rock garden. Maybe the land is not suitable for rainy conditions.


4: You competed in Rio 2016 for your country and you finished the race ahead of many significant athletes. What are your plans for the future?


My plan to continue like this for many more years.


5: Do you think of advising Sakarya MTB CUP to your team-mates and other athletes?


Very good race, and I encourage everyone to participate in Sakarya MTB Cup.


6: Sakarya city is organizing the 2020 Marathon World Championship. What would you like to say about this? Will we see you among us in 2020?


I am really pleased that Sakarya organize 2020 Marathon World Championship. It is very important to organize such a big event for the development of cycling. At the moment I am concentrated in cross country and do not plan to participate in the marathon.


7: 2017 European MTB Championships will take place in İstanbul. What are your expectations from European Championship?


I think it will be hot in August in Istanbul, the race becomes more tough and I like that. My expectation to show my best.


8: Finally, What would you like to say to your followers and cycling, mountainbiking lovers in Turkey?


Especially thanks to my followers, you give me the stimulus to make a good result. Continue to love and ride a bike for a healthy life. Thanks.